Switch, an experimental marketing agency in St. Louis, MO, launched the Ugly Holiday Sweater Tees fundraiser for its annual “Switchmas” in November 2012. This event benefits local charitable organizations. In deciding on a four-week campaign focused on the holidays when themed clothing is in high demand, Switch’s team was left figuring how they could combine those two factors into a win for their charity, all while helping the sweater-less guarantee style success at their holiday events.

For the second year, Switch chose to donate funds raised in the campaign to the nonprofit Animal Protective Association (APA) of Missouri, which provides shelter and adoption services for homeless dogs and cats and animal welfare education to the public. Switch used social media and local media exposure in St. Louis to get publicity for the cause.

All proceeds from the $22 T-shirts featuring holiday sweater designs were donated to the APA, raising $13,065 during the campaign with the sale of 820 T-shirts. Since then, Switch has donated almost $50,000 during the holidays to local charitable organizations. “We thrive on using design to create something good for people – or animals – who really need our help. These shirts represent that intersection, and make you look totally rad, too,” says Brent Coder, creative director at Switch.

If you consider getting involved in the community, team up with Boomerang Promotions and a local nonprofit group. This will help you to reach a wider audience, gain more  attention and benefit a deserving cause that will have longstanding positive results.

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